Sixth-grader Simon Bloom finds a book that enables him to control the laws of physics, but when two thugs come after him, he needs the formulas in the book to save himself.

When does science fiction

become SCIENCE?

JF Reisman, Michael

Simon Bloom, the gravity keeper.

at WL and JCCL

JF Reisman, Michael

Simon Bloom, the

octopus effect

at WL and JCCL

Physics Experiments

With Fun Stuff

J 530.078 Bonnet, Robert L.

Home run!: science projects with baseball and softball.

At WL and JCCL

J 507.8 Goodstein, Madeline

Goal! science projects with soccer.

At WL and JCCL

J 530.078 Goodstein, Madeline

Wheels!: science projects with

bicycles, skateboards, and skates. At WL

WL = Williamsburg Library

JCCL = James City County Library