Undergraduate poster session

October 19, 10-11.30am, Small Hall library

Student participants

Lauren Carver

Numerical Study of a Passive Wedge Absorber System for Momentum Selection of Muon Beams

Kiera McKay

Ion Particle Transport in DIII-D H-Mode Plasmas

Hana Warner

Magnetic Field Tuning of Liquid Crystal Droplet Microlasers

Carrington Metts

Lead Radius Experiment (PREX-II) at Jefferson Lab

Quinn Campagna

Beam Modulation for PREx-II

Kangning Yang

Generating Optical Vortex Beam via Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing in Rubidium Vapor

Sofia Brown

Generating Laguerre-Gaussian Optical Modes and Comparison to Theoretical Modes

Anthea Empson

Integration of Micro Raman Spectroscopy into Established Contamination Control Procedure


Poster competition judges: Chris Monahan, Ran Yang, Enrico Rossi