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William&Mary Physics department virtual research tour

Click on each photo to hear professors describing their research

Big thanks to Prof. Ran Yang for recording the video interviews and to Roy Peterson and his team for the editing.

Prof. Patricia Vahle
Experimental neutrino physics

Prof. Saskia Mordijck
Experimental plasma physics

Prof. Marc Sher
Theoretical high energy physics

Prof. Eugeniy Mikhailov
Experimental quantum physics

Prof. Chris Monahan
Theoretical nuclear physics

Prof. Irina Novikova
Experimental quantum physics

Prof. Justin Stevens
Experimental nuclear physics
Visit JLab's GlueX experiment with Prof. Stevens

Prof. Seth Aubin
Experimental atomic physics

Prof. Bill Cooke
Engineering physics

Prof. Todd Averett
Experimental nuclear physics
Peak into Prof. Averett's lab

Prof. David Armstrong
Experimental nuclear physics

Prof. Mumtaz Qazilbash
Experimental condense matter physics