Our research in particle physics at the GeV scale focuses on the dynamics and phenomenology of QCD. Recent research topics include:

  • Generalized parton distribution functions
  • Hadron structure and interactions from Lattice QCD
  • Chiral symmetry predictions for electromagnetic processes
  • Photoproduction as a probe of proton structure
  • Two-photon exchange processes
  • Large Nc QCD and the baryon spectrum
  • Algorithms for Lattice Field Theory calculations

Recent publications of our group can be found here.

Research Highlights

Supercomputers are now powerful enough to allow us to precisely compute the properties of the theory of strong interactions, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). The graph below represents a calculation of the two pion scattering length (I=2) as a function of the pion mass. Next the William and Mary Lattice QCD cluster (sporades).

Pion scattering length (I=2 channel) The William and Mary Lattice QCD cluster