Knox College Policy on Shared Faculty Appointments (effective Feb. 4, 1994; subject to revision)

1. Definition: A shared faculty appointment is one in which two faculty members share equally one full-time position.

Each person sharing the appointment will assume half of the duties of a full-time position which includes: teaching, academic advising, college service, and the pursuit of scholarly (or appropriate creative) activities. Variations, however, in the distribution of responsibilities are subject to the discretion of the dean of the college in consultation with the departmental chair.

2. Conflict of interest: Each person sharing an appointment will be entitled to a full vote in faculty meetings, and either or both may assume administrative functions, but neither may vote on personnel matters that would affect the other's rank or status, and neither may assume responsibility for making decisions regarding conditions of the other's employment. Both people sharing an appointment will not ordinarily serve on the same committee.

3. Renewal and Tenure: Renewal and tenure decisions under a shared appointment will normally follow the same timetable as a regular appointment, and each appointee will be expected to have the same credentials and scholarly attainments that meet the college's stated standards for promotion and tenure (see Knox College Faculty Handbook, section III.B). In the case of each appointee, a record of institutional service is expected commensurate with part time status.

Under the normal condition, in which both parties to a shared appointment enter the contract without tenure, both will be considered for renewal and tenure at the same time, and renewal or tenure will be granted to both or neither.

In those cases where the College has initially appointed one person to a full-time position, and then it is agreed to convert that appointment to a shared position, part of that agreement will include developing (with the dean and president) an equitable timetable for the joint tenure review.

4. If either person sharing an appointment should cease to share in the job, for whatever reason prior to a tenure decision, the position becomes vacant. If those sharing the appointment are tenured, and one person ceases to fulfill their part of the contract, the other will normally assume the full appointment.

5. Salaries and Benefits: Beginning at the time that a shared contract is undertaken, each individual will be paid a proportion of the salary prorated according to teaching duties. Each individual will be entitled to participation in the full range of fringe benefits.

The total health care benefit will not exceed the amount of the College's contribution to a family plan. Other benefits will not exceed in cost the benefits held by one person holding a full-time position.

6. Leave Policy: Unless specified otherwise, the leave policy will be administered in terms of shared leaves, i.e. for a one-term leave, each person would be entitled to one quarter leave at the usual pay each was receiving, but with the understanding that, with the usual teaching load for each person of one course per term, then each would receive compensation prorated by the usual rules, but according to the usual load. For instance, one term of leave at full pay would become one course reduction with no reduction in pay for each half of the faculty pair. With regard to parental leave, each person would receive one term of leave, i.e. a reduction in load of one course each.