Infrared Camera

Description: Infrared Camera which can be connected to a lecture room's projector.

Required Items:

setup time: Contact Dayle Hancock

Gas Thermometer

Description: Gas thermometer. Requires LN2 which must be acquired in advance. Ice is also required. The three temperatures are boiling water (373 K), ice water (273 K) and LN2 (-77 K). The bulb also needs to be filled with He in advance.

Required Items:

setup time: < 10 minutes (with advanced setup of LN2, ice and He fill).

Bi-metal Strip

Description: Bi-metal strip Requires LN2 which must be acquired in advance.

Required Items:

setup time: < 10 minutes

Flash chamber

Description: Compress the air quickly via the plunger and a small bit of cotton will ignite ignite.

Required Items:

setup time: < 5 minutes but requires some practice

Sterling Engine

Description: Place over a heat source such as a cup up hot water, and the engine will spin.

Required Items:

setup time: < 5 minutes

Liquid Nitrogen Demonstrations

Description: Ping pong balls will spin if a small hole is made in them, then filled with LN2. Balloons will shrink down, then reexpand when warmed. Ball will not fit through ring until it is coolled down.

Required Items:

setup time: < 5 minutes

Crookes Radiometer

Description: Small heat engine that spins due to internal temperature differences (black side absorbs more energy whan white). The bulb is not completley evacuated.

Required Items:

setup time: < 5 minutes

Boyle's Law

Description: Used to study the prelationship between pressure and volume.

Required Items:

Convection Apparatus

Description: Light candle and place under one of the vent tubes. light two smoke sticks and hold over tubes to see convection.

Required Items:

Conduction Wand

Description: Place wax beeds at the end of each rod of varying material. Then, place heat source (such as a bunsen burner) underneath the center of the wand and observe the order in which the wax falls from each rod.

Required Items:

Radiation Cans

Description: Add equal amounts of pre-heated or pre-cooled water to each can. Using the digital thermometers, observe the rate of temperature change. (Results inconclusive)

Required Items:

Misc. Avaliable Equipment


Hand Heaters

Description: Approx 15 hand heaters. Must be boiled (for example, in the pictures cooker) to restore.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Description: Two sizes available.


Description: Glass (mercury) and digital thermometers.

Bunsen Burner

Description: Bunsen burner with small propane tank.

Warning: High pressure propane. DO NOT open tank valve completely.