Doppler Shift

Description: The battery powered sound source is swung in a large vertical circle. Viewed from the plane of the circle, the frequency periodically increases and decreases. The 'nurf' ball protects the sound source and audience.

Required Items:

setup time: < 5 minutes

Vacuum Bell Jars

Description: Bell rings when jar is full of air. Once pumped out with vacuum pump, it is no longer audible.

Required Items:

setup time: 10 minutes

Reubens Tube

Description: Fill tube with flammable gas (!), attach speaker to diaphram end, light the gas coming out of the small holes on top. Produce a tone with the associated audio amp, and the sinusoidal wave pattern is visible in the flames above the tube.

Required Items:

setup time: < 15 minutes

Doppler Rocket


Required Items:

Misc. Avaliable Equipment

Music Demos

Description: Various pipe organ pipes, variable (slide) tone generators, and note-boxes with tuning forks on top.

setup time: < 5 minutes

Tuning Forks

Description: Various size/frequency forks.

setup time: < 5 minutes

Boom Whackers (Percussion Tubes)

Description: Plastic percussion tubes designed to generate a specific note when struck on rigid surface.