Meet our Physicists

Have you ever wondered how a research laboratory really looks? Or how theorists come up with their brilliant ideas? Want to go inside a relativistic particle accelerator? Join a Research Tour to meet physics researchers and learn what they are up to.

The stops of the tour are located throughout the Small Hall: in the the basement, in the research wing of the first flore (walk past Hovercraft station), and on the third floor.
And check out our virtual tours for more researchers!


Professor Subject Location
Seth Aubin Bose-Einstein Condensates Small Hall 069
Mumtaz Qazilbash Photon Spectroscopy Small Hall 024
Todd Averett Hyperpolarized Gases for Nuclear Physics Small Hall 163
Patricia Vahle Neutrino Particle Physics Small Hall 335D
Eugeniy Mikhailov, Irina Novikova Quantum Optics and Sensors Small Hall 032