Selected recent papers (last 5 years):

Modeling and Synchronizing Chaotic Signals from Time Series Data
 Reggie Brown, Nikolai F. Rulkov and E. R. Tracy
 Phys. Rev. E 49 (1994) 3784-3800.

Symbol sequence statistics in noisy chaotic signal reconstruction
X. Z. Tang, E. R. Tracy, A. D. Boozer, A. deBrauw and R. Brown
Phys. Rev. E 51 (1995) 3871-3889.

Wave emission by resonance crossing
E. R. Tracy, Allan N. Kaufman and Y.-M. Liang
Phys. of Plasmas 2 (1995) 4413-4419.

Generalized Case-van Kampen modes in multi-dimensional non-uniform plasma with application of gyroresonance heating
E. R. Tracy, A J. Brizard and A. N. Kaufman
 J. Plasma Phys. 55 (1996) 449-486.

Double-cross Instability:  An Absolute Instability caused by Counter-Propagating Positive-and Negative-Energy Waves
A. J. Brizard, J. J. Morehead, A. N. Kaufman and E. R. Tracy
Phys. Rev. Lett. 77 (1996) 1500-1503.

Symbol Statistics and Spatio-Temporal Systems
 X.-Z. Tang, E. R. Tracy and R. Brown
Physica 102D (1997) 253-261.

Parameter Uncertainties in Models of Equivariant Dynamical Systems
R. Brown, V. In and E. R. Tracy
Physica 102D (1997) 208-226.

Double-Crossing Mode Conversion in Non-Uniform Media
A. J. Brizard, J. J. Morehead, A. N. Kaufman and E. R. Tracy
Phys. Plasmas 5 (1998) 45.

Anomalous scaling in Takens-Bogdanov bifurcations
 E. R. Tracy and X. Z. Tang
 Phys. Lett. A 242 (1998) 239-244.

Takens-Bogdanov random walks
 E. R. Tracy, X. Z. Tang and C.Kulp
 Phys. Rev. E 57 (1998) 3749-3756.

Data compression and information retrieval via symbolization
 X. Z. Tang and E. R. Tracy
 Chaos 8 (1998) 688-696.

Wave emission from within mode conversion regions:  a new diagnostic probe for non-uniform media
 Yu. Krasniak and E. R. Tracy
 Phys. Lett. A 248 (1998) 235-241.

The dissipative Budden problem:  Effect of converted-wave damping on primary-wave reflection
A.N. Kaufman, E. R. Tracy, J. J. Morehead and A. J. Brizard
Phys. Lett. A 252 (1999) 43-48.

RF heating in a tokamak cavity (PDF format)
E. R. Tracy and A. N. Kaufman
to appear in the AIP Proc. of  the 13th Conf. on RF Power in Plasmas.

Mode conversion in the ocean
A. N. Kaufman, J. J. Morehead, A. J. Brizard and E. R Tracy
to appear in J. Fl. Mech.

Recent talks or poster presentations (somewhat incomplete):

Mode conversion in tokamak geometry (PDF format)
E. R. Tracy and A. N. Kaufman
(APS, March 1999).

Symbolic analysis of weakly non-stationary time series (PDF format)
E. R. Tracy and D. M. Weaver
(APS, March 1999).

Electric field structure in 2-dimensional iterated mode conversion
E. R. Tracy and A. N. Kaufman
(Sherwood Fusion Theory Meeting, March 2000)